Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My Latest Book Review - Delusion by Laura J Sullivan

Here is the authors blog.

I enjoyed this book :)

VOYA Rating: 4Q 3P 
Highly Recommended 

This book was a very unique blend of historical fiction and true magic. Phil and Fee Albion, were set to debut their magic show until it was cancelled because of the London Blitz. They were immediately sent to a remote English village in order to stay safe from the Nazis. Phil still wanted to contribute to the war effort, but it was more difficult being removed from London. Phil and Fee happened to stumble into a magically cloaked village that was not interested in having anything to do with the war. Their job was to protect the natural world and not meddle in man-made problems. There was no possible way the girls could have stumbled into the magical village without having magic flowing in their own blood. The English magicians are forced to intervene when they discover the Germans are using magic in the war effort.

There are some references to the Holocaust and the London Blitz, which will encourage readers to think about whether or not war is ever justified. This would be a good fit for students interested in World War II history. It does also show how women were able to be a part of the war effort on the home front. Many families were separated during to war and this shows a personal insight to how that could have felt. There is also the romance aspect that keeps the story moving forward and the mystery of how Phil and Fee came to have magic in their blood. It’s an interesting twist to think about using magic to fight the Nazis.

I really enjoyed it. I was skeptical at first as to how a writer was going to combine magic and historical fiction, but I was very impressed with the result. The cover art will attract readers that might not normally be into historical fiction. The strong female characters will appeal to girls. I think the dialogue fits the tone of the story. It would be a good book club book in terms of having a lot of topics to discuss. However, there is a cliffhanger at the end that a sequel is inevitable. Overall, this book is a good choice for a school library.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Stalin defends the role he played during the Great Purge

Somedays the library space really works for large group activities.  If there is a class in here that I am not directly involved with, I let them do their thing and do my own library related work.  Today, I couldn't help but listen to Mr. Uhelski's history class put Stalin on trial.  The prosecution and defense had their arguments all ready to go.  Stalin was in the hot seat several times, along with witnesses like a Polish poet who survived her time in the Gulag.  The entire group was most impressive, with Stalin even showing up in military uniform and signature mustache.  They declared Stalin guilty on 3 of 4 charges.  Well done, scholars :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

21st Century Libraries!

A great video showing the importance of school, public and academic libraries.  All students deserve a nice school library with current resources, both print and electronic.  They also deserve to have a qualified teacher  (a.k.a media specialist/librarian) to teach them how to navigate through all the information we have available to us.  Knowing how to research and where to find the best sources are a lifelong skill.

(video was created by the Community Economic Development Association of Michigan)  Thanks for supporting Michigan libraries.

Monday, March 17, 2014

The Chaos of Stars by Kiersten White book review

Here is my newest book recommendation for the week.  I pretty much read the whole thing on Saturday :)  Loved it!

 The Chaos of Stars Book Review