Friday, September 16, 2011

Library tid-bit's from this week!

Do you love to knit AND read???  Check out "A Knitter's Home Companion"  It's making waves in the book world.

Get SB-CEU's through Michigan LearnPort

Our new Destiny Quest access point for all 3 campuses!!!  Search the IA libraries from anywhere.

Do your students need a Michigan E Library refresher???  This is a pretty good video.  It focuses on the Teen Gateway.

AMAZING DATABASE STATISTICS!!!  For the month of August 2011!!!

Total databases sessions = 19143 (Inside usage = 18497, Remote usage = 646)
Most popular databases = Gale Virtual Reference Library, Opposing Viewpoints, General OneFile

We're participating in the Letters About Literature contest again this year.  It's open to students at all campuses.  We put up a bulletin board at Central to advertise.  Students will get a Moodle message from me :)

We now have access to some "Early Journal Articles" through JSTOR.  Journals published prior to 1923.  It might help some of our EE Students.  I'll put a link to it on our Research Database page.  Here is more info:
Here is the YouTube video

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What Students Don't Know

Great article!  I feel like I work pretty hard to let students know that I am there to help them with research.  I do a lot of communicating by email and I think that helps.  But it's hard to do research like this in a public high school...  What Students Don't Know

Shakespeare Tube Map

Here is another graphic that all teachers of Shakespeare will love!  It's been in my inbox forever and I thought today would be a good day to share :)

History of Science Fiction

This image and link was shared by one of our IB Language A teachers.  I am a fan of Science Fiction and I am pretty impressed by this drawing.  I figured it was worth sharing.

Here is the original link for the image.