Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mexico IB Workshop

I led my 1st IB Extended Essay Workshop in Mexico City!  It was stressful, but successful :)  A lot of planning and organizing to make sure things went smoothly.  The teachers and administrators at the school were great!  I wish I would have had an extra couple of days to stay with them.

I did get to extend my stay to visit with friends and do some sightseeing.  I have over 300 pictures.  I may have been a bit of a shutterbug.

It's hard to share my experience with students because the experience was more professional than having a direct impact in the classroom.  But I did manage to buy some Day of the Dead decorations, make Mexican flags and put up some of my photos.  I put up my favorite pictures that sort of defined my impressions of Mexico City.  I put captions next to my pictures for the students to read and let the Spanish teachers in my building know what I did.  So, I AM sharing my experiences and I hope the students will enjoy my pictures.