Monday, November 26, 2007

Eco-Tourism Travel Project for Spanish 10

I've spent part of the day getting ready to provide resources to our Spanish 10 students. They are going to do an eco-tourism project for Mexico and Central/South America. They get to pick a country and research places to travel that are off the beaten path. We have quite a few travel books to offer them. These are handy to know about and how to use them if one plans on traveling abroad ;)

We'll also be expecting students to use Gale's InfoTrac to find current articles from various travel magazines for out of the way places to visit. I made students a detailed sheet as to how they should start researching and what resources they should use.

If you have a student in Spanish 10 and they need some help researching, lead them to these sites:

Gale InfoTrac

Travel Channel Website
National Geographic Website

And of course, our book display:

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