Tuesday, November 13, 2007

IB Math Internal Assessment Deadline...

There is a 74 page IB guide to the Mathematics Internal Assessment which is rather complicated. (Eeks! I just took a look at it) It's a rare thing to see students so focused and quiet in the Media Center, but it always happens close the IB Internal/External Assessment deadlines. When the math students come down to use our Media Center resources, they mostly use Geometer Sketchpad, TI-85 Graphing Calculator software and sometimes MS Excel.

A brief intro to the IB Math Internal Assessment Portfolio:

Every student must produce a portfolio containing two pieces of work completed during the course.

Each piece of work in the portfolio is internally assessed by the teacher against criteria that are related to the objectives of the mathematics SL course. A sample of student portfolios from each school is then externally moderated to ensure uniformity of standards.

The purpose of the portfolio is to provide students with opportunities to be rewarded for mathematics carried out under ordinary conditions, that is, without the time limitations and pressure associated with written examinations. Consequently, the emphasis should be on good mathematical writing and thoughtful reflection.

The portfolio is also intended to provide students with opportunities to increase their understanding of mathematical concepts and processes. It is hoped that, by doing portfolio work, students benefit from these mathematical activities and find them both stimulating and rewarding.

Quite impressive for a mathematics course. I think the research, investigation and writing are all pretty unique to the IB Curriculum for a high school math course.

Here are our students feverishly working on their math portfolios.

Links of note:

The Geometer's Sketchpad® Resource Center

Texas Instruments Educational Resource Page

Microsoft's Excel Help Page

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