Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thursday at MAME

The MAME conference opened with Dr. Ross Todd as the keynote speaker. I definitely left the session with things to think about and happy with some of the things that I already do with students in the classroom.

The major point of his session was about teacher-librarian collaboration with classroom teachers. He mentioned that there are 3 levels of interaction between librarians and teachers:
Instructional Collaboration

I'm pretty happy that we have a lot of instructional collaboration going on. These are usually the projects that I show off when we have visitors who come to our school. After attending sessions like this one, I am very thankful to be working in an IB school because the IB program embraces the goals of teacher-librarians, information literacy and technology integration. The curriculum is strong in evidence-based practice and inquiry. I believe that the IB program gives school librarians the framework to be an integral part of the curriculum. This is something that I always tell visiting librarians :)

The keynote session closed with the quote "Without evidence we are condemned to be oblivious. With it, we have a shot at being part of the future". –Dr. Ross Todd on the role of school librarians

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