Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Blogs worth following

These blogs are up for the
Best Librarian / Library Edublog 2010 Awards. Since I have some time on this 2nd Snow Day...this is what I am reading. I think these are great examples of what librarians do on a daily basis. AND that schools cannot cut school librarians if they want to integrate technology into their curriculum.

Blogs nominated in alphabetical order! (I cut and paste from here)
1.Aberfoyle Park Campus Resource Centre Blog
2.A Media Specialist’s Guide to the Internet

4.Booked Inn
5.Blue Skunk
6.Bright Ideas
7.Castilleja School Library

8.Cathy Nelson’s Professional Blog
9.Gryphon LRC

10.Heart of School
12.Library Grits
13.Librarian By Day
14.Lucacept – intercepting the web
15.Never Ending Search
17.Springston School Library Blog

18.Tales from a Loud Librarian
19.The Daring Librarian
20.The Unquiet Librarian
21.The WebFooted Booklady
22.Van Meter Library Voice

23.VCS Skyway Library

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