Friday, December 10, 2010

Book Review

So, I started doing book reviews with a professional book review group. In return, my school library gets to keep the book (well, actually, I get to keep it...but I donate it to the school). Here is my first one. I can officially add "book reviewer" to my resume ;)

Johnson, Maureen
Scarlett Fever
Publisher: Point, and imprint of Scholastic 2010 ISBN#: 978-0-439-89928-4
Price: $16.99 Grade Level: S Number of Pages: 336


This book is a sequel to Suite Scarlett. I would recommend reading Suite Scarlett before Scarlett Fever as the story and characters continue from the first book. In this book, Scarlett finds herself working for Mrs. Amy Amberson, still working for her parents at their hotel, beginning her sophomore year at a rigorous New York high school, juggling her social life and dealing with her siblings. Scarlett is trying to get over her crush on Eric. She starts becoming friends with Max, who does noting but give her a hard time. As the relationships continue to develop throughout the story, Scarlett and her brother are determined to make the play Hamlet at the Hopewell Hotel a success. After the success of the play, her brother Spencer lands a role in a popular television show. Scarlett ends up helping him out of some sticky situations.

This book will appeal to teen girls as it paints a glamorous portrait of living and going to school in Manhattan. While the main character and her family struggle financially, they have rich friends, who provide Scarlett with some New York luxuries. Scarlett runs with the artsy types and the book is unique in that it focuses on the New York off-broadway/tv/actor community. Scarlett is a good, hard working student. She is also an independent, creative and bold female character. She makes the reader want to live and work in New York City. I think this book is appropriate for most teen girls. There is no sex, just hand holding and kissing. The romance in the book comes from Scarlett and Max and also her sister, Lola and her boyfriend, Chip. The romance is sweet and innocent, while capturing the feeling and excitement of a first high school relationship. There is humor throughout the book, the characters are likeable and overall it was an enjoyable read. This book would be a good purchase for a school library, would work well with a girl’s only book club, or would be appropriate for a teacher or librarian to recommend to teen girls. Fans of the Martin family will definitely be looking forward to a third book.

Couldn't find a video booktalk to this book...but I found one for the first book.

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