Thursday, August 22, 2013

2013-2014 School Starts!

It's been a busy first week!  We've jumped right in and it's like we never left :)  Freshmen are adjusting to high school and I have started working with them.  I've got lesson plans for various elements of information literacy.  We start with website evaluation, using research databases and learn how to cite in MLA format.  It's a lot of information to absorb.

All 9th graders have taken a Information Literacy pre-test.  I use the TRAILS quiz because it is exactly the data that I need.  We'll follow with a post-test at the end of 9th grade year.  Students had the option to do it at home or in class.

We've had some bumps along the road in terms of just learning how to log on to our school computers, Moodle and MiStar.  But we are getting there!

I had am working on having differentiated activities for library lessons.  It's a bit of an experiment and students can choose to do activities at home and then they get to do something else during part of their time with me.  Today, some students created Book Spine Poems.  This was part of a library orientation that gave book lovers a chance to wander around the library while doing something creative.  I think it went well.  Here are some examples of poems students created:

The wings of the dove, whisper deadly magyk.

Holes criss-cross a beautiful mind. Breath, eyes, memory - stolen.

A Theft. The Lightning Thief, blank confessions.  The outlaw sea.

Skinny, Perception, Clarity.  Good as Gold.

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