Monday, January 30, 2017

Advocating for your school library on twitter

I've been keeping tabs on our Michigan Association of School Boards, Superintendent, Secondary Principals, I am aware there is a national school board advocacy institute going on today.  Search twitter for the hashtag #NSBAAI17

Also, MI assistant principals are meeting today at Crystal Mountain.  Search what they are doing with the hashtag #2017AP

The hashtag #miched has a large following, so that will bring attention to your tweet.

@MASB is Michigan Association of School boards
@MASALeads is MI Association of Superintendents 
@massp is the MI association of secondary school principals
@MEMSPA  is the Michigan Elementary & Middle School Principals Association

Depending on what you write (have room for) #MISchoolLibrary and @michiganmame

If you use the right hashtag, it will show up on their conference feed.  As our administrators and boards are scrolling through twitter on their phones during the conference....give them something to look at :)

AASL has some great images to use.  You can also promote our MAME infographics or whatever you are doing in your library to show that it is in fact, a very busy place.

Highlight the diversity of your collection.  Tweet out a book that your students are reading.  Just bring attention to your library.  Maybe an edtech project.  Your online resources.

I'll be sending out both advocacy items and some of the awesome things my students are doing/creating or using the library for.

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