Monday, February 13, 2017

Future Shock book review by Alyssa

Elena Martinez, a foster kid, is facing a dilemma; she needs to get a job before she’s eighteen, but not even McDonalds is willing to hire her. Imagine her delight when she is suddenly offered a job at the Aether Corporation, willing to pay enough money to last her for years. But the job turns out to be riskier than expected - she and four other teens are recruited to travel 10 years into the future and bring back data. Everything gets turned upside down when the five teens find themselves not 10 years in the future, but 30; and in a world where only one of the five is still alive.

Future Shock’s thrilling story had me captivated within the first chapter, and I found myself unable to put it down. The book contains a perfect combination of action, mystery, and romance, and the futuristic technologies described in it are absolutely fascinating. Each character’s role in the mission is well described and realistic, and each has unique characteristics that bring something interesting to the story. Future Shock accurately represents the moral and psychological implications of finding out about one’s future, and endeavoring to change it. I also found myself pleasantly surprised by the major plot twist at the end, having never seen it coming. The story does a really good job of keeping the reader guessing.

It is to be noted that this book is more suited to readers at the young adult level, mostly due to some of the mature romantic elements, but other than that and mentions of injury or death there is not much to be wary of. All in all, Future Shock is a very well written representation of a time travel story, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys adventure or science fiction based books.  It would be a good fit for a high school library and a good free reading choice for students.

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