Friday, January 25, 2008

9th graders start ancient China project

This week our 9th graders have begun to explore the "Cultural Diffusion of China's Technology". Students are working in groups and have topics such as firearms, silk, ceramics, acupuncture, kites, etc. They need to integrate the movement theme from the 5 themes of Geography. They are also expected to have 3 book sources, use the sources in Blackboard and find an article in one of our Gale Databases.

It's a great project that shows collaboration between our Media Center program and the History department (World Studies classes). Students are also expected to integrate an MYP Guiding Question into their project.

Students started out in the library with a "Book Feast". Topics were posted on each table and books on their topic were there. They were supposed to take notes on their research. Then the classes moved into the Tech Center and we went over the resources in Blackboard, utilizing our new SMARTboard and finally they had to find a database that suited their need. It was definitely and engaging activity and most students were quite productive. Although after every class the evidence of research was scattered all over the library;)

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