Thursday, January 31, 2008

Microeconomics Quiz on BB and TOK research

It was a busy day today in the lab! Just a few of the different things we had going on today...

Mr. E's 9th grade microeconomics students took their first quiz on Blackboard. All in all, it went pretty smoothly and the students got immediate feedback when they were done with their quiz. When the whole class was done, they went back to the classroom to review their answers.

At the same time, 11th graders were in here doing research about "knowing". They have to use a current magazine or academic journal to do their research. The most heavily used databases were Gale InfoTrac and the custom Religion and Philosophy collection. I think they are getting the hang of research ;)

While all this was going on, we had my product team in the library working on their Detroit projects or doing some work on their IB Prep work. It gets a bit crazy in here some days...

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