Tuesday, September 18, 2012

TeacherLibrarian - my fav professional journal

I have to laugh when people think I have time to read at work!  HA!  Of course, I skim new materials as they come in....but I don't actually take the time to read a book or magazine/journal cover to cover at work.

So, I still subscribe to a paper *gasp* journal, so that I can stuff it in my purse or bag and take it with me wherever I go.  I've whittled down the number of professional journals I subscribe to, to 1.  I wish I could read more, but there are just not enough minutes in the day for me to be able to accomplish this goal.

TeacherLibrarian is what I read.  Click here to see it.  The articles are written by degreed and certified librarians in the US and Canada.  Some articles are written by well known PhD's in the field.  It's all relevant to what I do every day and I think it's important for me to keep current in the field.

I was just thinking about this because I have made the decision to get rid of the textbooks I used in my Library Science classes.  They are getting a bit outdated and I don't really refer to them anymore.  They were a good foundation, but in order to keep up, I have to read the new stuff.  But, MAN, were those textbooks expensive.  I should have sold them when they were current and worth something.

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