Thursday, October 24, 2013

IB World Languages Book Club!

I came up with a brand new library program -- The World Languages Book Club! It's my effort to do a collaborative project with the World Language (Language B) teachers.  I think that reading ANY book will help to increase a students proficiency in vocabulary and grammar in the 2nd language they are learning. 

 The IA library has been stocking up on French, German and Spanish picture books, Young Adult, and elementary non-fiction. Books will be available that are appropriate for our 1st year language learners up to our HL IB Language B students-- even native French, German and Spanish speakers will be sure to find some popular YA fiction. 

 A special reading log is available in the IA library or from our World Language teachers. Participation in the World Languages Book Club can be used as an extra-curricular activity on a college application. All students will receive a certificate at the end of the year. I was hoping to recruit a group of parents willing to plan and host a book club library party (with food and prizes).... 

Here is the reading log:

Here is the inside of the log, in German:

These are the student directions that I came up with so far:

Reading is a great way to learn new vocabulary in your target language. The IA Library has a good selection of books in French, German and Spanish. Choose books and topics that interest you. This is your reading log that will be turned in at the end of 1st semester and the end of 2nd semester.

 Choose appropriate reading levels for where you are currently in your World Language class. For example, 9th graders or ab initio students should be looking at elementary level picture books. 11th and 12th graders may enjoy reading YA novels. You should write as much as you can in your target language.

For fiction books:

• Rate your book
• Write down the title and author
• Choose a character in the story and in 1 or 2 sentences write what IB Learner Profile trait that character exemplifies and why.
• Write down a list of new vocabulary words you learned

 For non-fiction books:

• Rate your book
• Write down the title and author
• Write 1 or 2 sentences about something new that you learned from the book.
• Write down a short list of new vocabulary words you learned that you will probably remember because of this book.

Some of our new books!

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