Friday, October 4, 2013

My Library Logo

I've been thinking about a logo to use for handouts, booklets and guides that I put together for students.  A small reminder that it's from the library and what they are doing is using a research skill.  I did a lot of Google image searching, but I do not want to steal anyone's I found some inspiration and made my own.  I purchased a royalty free stock image and did some Photoshop text adding.  This is what I have come up with.

I like the book, the idea of books being magical and opening up possibilities and of course, I have to put the words IA Library somewhere in there.  As a reminder.  I feel like I constantly have to market myself and my library so we don't lose importance.  I want students and parents to know how integral school libraries/research/information literacy are to a good education.  The image also seems positive to me.  In this climate of educator backlash, school librarians being viewed as a luxury instead of a necessity and school library closures, I wanted something uplifting.  My goal is to prepare them for research at the college level, critical thinking skills about finding the right information. And most importantly, instilling a love of reading!

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